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Nuroa is a real estate search tool that will help you find the right home from among millions of listings from dozens of real estate portals.

Nuroa, your real estate search engine

Nuroa conveniently gathers all the real estate listings of apartments and houses for sale and for rent available on the internet in one place.  All you have to do is simply enter your search criteria, click “search”, and you will have a list of the most relevant listings, saving you the effort of searching through real estate portals one by one.  You can also subscribe to our alert system to stay informed about the latest listings related to your search, through e-mails with newly-added properties.

Nuroa for professionals (real estate and classified ads websites)

Whether yours is a real estate or classified advertisement website, Nuroa is an excellent way to drive qualified traffic to support your business. With innovative design and intuitive navigation, Nuroa employs the latest technology in order to offer its users the best service and freshly updated listings every day.  Thus we are able to deliver high conversion rates and generate quality traffic for our partners.

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