1. Mitula Group And Privacy

In Mitula Classified S.L., a company belonging to Mitula Group, we are aware of the importance of your personal data. Therefore, in Mitula Group we are committed to respecting privacy and data protection regulations. We have established a clear and simple policy that easily explains what data we are dealing with, how we do it and who does it. In addition, we have implemented the appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. In particular, those that allow us to avoid the loss, destruction or any unauthorised access to your personal data that is stored, transmitted or processed by Mitula Group. This policy explains the purposes for which your data has been collected and will be processed by the websites or related Apps of Mitula Group. Please read this privacy policy carefully. This will allow you to have control over your personal data.

2. Who Is Responsible For The Processing Of Your Data?

You can find out who is responsible for deciding how and for what purpose your data will be processed by accessing here.

If you have any doubts about this privacy policy, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPD) at dpo@mitulagroup.com

3. Processing Carried Out By Mitula Group

The personal data you provide us will be incorporated into a file owned by Mitula Classified S.L. Mitula Group will only process your personal data as explained in this policy and if you have provided it voluntarily.

3.1. For what purposes are we going to process your data?

Next, we explain what we use it for according to the type of user or the requested service. In Mitula Group we collect data from

3.1.1. Visitors to the Website or App

When you visit our website or related App we collect standard log information, and through cookies, details of your online behaviour, provided you have given us your consent, either by continuing to browse or by explicitly accepting the use of cookies. We will use this data to analyse and improve the browsing experience of users, as well as to provide ads personalised to your interests or your browsing preferences depending on how you have configured your browser. You can access our cookies policy here.

3.1.2. Registered users

When you register on a Mitula Group website or App, we will ask you for at most:

  • a valid e-mail address
  • a password
  • and a username.

We cannot create an account without the minimum mandatory information that will be indicated on each registration form.

In some cases, we may request additional information, such as your surname, your gender or your date of birth in order to improve our products and services, as well as being able to offer you more personalised products or services. This information is not mandatory in order to register. Other additional information about the use of this data is provided in the specific sections of this policy.

We will process your data based on the consent given and you will have access to additional utilities such as saving searches or favourite ads, managing alerts and notification preferences or selecting the language or country of your choice among other things.

Currently, the same user account is valid for several of our websites or Apps and therefore, in order to facilitate access to all of them, you authorise Mitula Classified S.L. to share the data of your account with other companies belonging to Mitula Group in order to provide the services provided by each of the websites or Apps. We will inform you as and when the group’s new websites are added to this initiative.

If you indicated when you signed up that you wanted to receive alerts, in paragraph 3.1.4. we explain how this will be done and if you have opted to receive commercial communications from Mitula Group, we will do so in accordance with our commercial and promotional communications policy. You can oppose the sending of notifications (opt-out) at the time of registration or by configuring your account on the website or App.

We will process your data in order to validate and manage your account and your preferences. The information you provide will allow us to generate user profiles in order to offer you ads, products or services from Mitula Group or our partners in a personalised manner.

The following section explains how we generate user profiles. If you use a Social Network in order to register, we will only access the data that you have authorised these entities to communicate and for the same purposes as if you registered directly with us. Without the minimum data required we will not be able to create a user account.

3.1.3. Generation of profiles

To generate these profiles we use cookies and similar technology that allows us to collect information about the searches you’ve made, the adverts or sections you’ve clicked on, the last adverts you’ve visited or the adverts that we’ve shown you on our websites. This information allows us to, for example, show you suggestions which are similar to your searches or visited adverts or to show you personalised adverts related to your searches. We could also store your IP address in order to send you commercial communications based on your location.

3.1.4. Users who want to receive alerts and news:

We are a vertical search site, so when you provide us with a valid email address it is done so with the intention to provide this service, we will only send you communications that you have asked for.

If you have indicated to us that you would like to receive the latest news about products or services from Mitula Group or those of our partners we will process your data based on your consent and in accordance with our commercial and promotional notifications policy summarised in section 9 of this document.

You can manage these alerts or cancel them at any time through the link at the bottom of all communications.

3.1.5. Users that contact us or request information:

When you send us an email or a request for information (form) we need a valid email address in order to respond or send the requested information. We will only use the personal data provided with your consent and to resolve your request or take any action derived from it. In the event that you send us unsolicited personal data or that exceeds the purpose needed to solve your query, this information will be removed from our files. If you want to participate in a selection of personnel for a position in Mitula Group. Please visit our corporate site www.mitulagroup.com.

3.1.6. Users that are transferred from the Mitula Group websites to Partner sites:

In some cases some companies that are part of Mitula Group will be responsible for data collected under our partners’ website for those users who have been transferred from our websites. Our partners will inform you about the purposes of the processing. If you have any questions or wish to unsubscribe from our treatments, do not hesitate to contact us at dpo@mitulagroup.com.

3.1.7. Users who comment or chat with other users:

As a registered user you can add comments to news or post additions to our blogs and in some Apps you can chat with other users. If you add a comment, please keep in mind that your username and the comment you make will be made public on the website. We reserve the right to delete your comment or conversation and suspend your account in case of breach of any of the following:

  • Do not make comments that are abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, offensive or derogatory (whether in relation to a disability, race or racial origin, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, birth traits or any other another reason)
  • Do not make comments that attack or threaten another person, threaten or promote violence, contravene, denigrate or threaten the fundamental rights recognised in international agreements and standards
  • Do not make comments that include commercial, advertising or illegal information
  • Do not make comments whose content may violate the rules of secrecy and confidentiality of communications, contain viruses or any other physical or electronic component that may cause damage or prevent the normal functioning of the website, or cause, due to their particular characteristics, difficulties in the normal operation of the service
  • Do not make comments that contain personal information such as email or postal addresses, telephone numbers or identification numbers
  • Do not make comments if they are published for the purpose of supplanting personnel of any of the Mitula Group companies or another user, using a similar identification or other method or mechanism.

3.1.8. Users who want to participate in a contest:

When you participate in a contest we can collect the personal data that is necessary and that will be used in accordance with the rules of participation in the same. Please, before participating, read these rules carefully.

4. How Long Will We Keep Your Data For?

Mitula Group will process your data:

    • as long as you do not cancel your account (Registered users)
    • as long as you do not unsubscribe from subscriptions (Users who want to receive alerts or commercial communications)
    • once we solve your request (users requesting information)
    • as reported in each case (users transferred from other websites, users who make comments or chat and users who participate in contests).

5. Statistical Processing

Additionally, we will process your data for statistical purposes that allow us to prepare reports, determine trends in the market or improve services. The reports that we generate will only contain aggregated data in a way that does not allow finding out the identity of the people.

6. With Whom Will We Share Your Data?

Your data will not be communicated or transferred to third parties without your consent, except to allow user registration on all Mitula Group websites, for a legal obligation, to give us your consent or if you request it from us personally.In some cases we need our suppliers to process data on our behalf, but they will only use your data according to our instructions. For example, we need a provider to store the data.If you have registered on any of our websites and make comments or other statements, you understand that they will be made public and will be associated with your profile. In addition, if you request the portability of your data, we will communicate it to the recipient that you indicate to us.

7. Quality Of The Data

As a user, you must notify us of any changes or updates to the information you provide, to ensure that it is up to date and corresponds to reality. You can do this through your user area. Mitula Group will diligently try to verify the authenticity of said data, reserving, if necessary and without prejudice to taking the corresponding actions, the right not to register or eliminate those users who have provided false or incomplete information. This verification does not imply in any case that Mitula Group assumes responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from the misinterpretation or inaccuracy of the data provided. The user who provides it is the only one responsible.

8. Children Under 14 Years Old

In Mitula Group we do not process the personal data of children under 14 years of age nor do we direct our contents or information to them. If you are under 14 years of age, please do not give us personal information. Better ask your parents to help you and they can provide personal data if necessary.Therefore, in order to provide personal data to Mitula Group, you guarantee that you are over 14 years of age and that you are entirely responsible for this declaration and for the access and correct use of the website or the App subject to the conditions of use and current legislation, both national and international, as well as the principles of good faith, morals and public order, and with the commitment to diligently observe any additional instruction that, in relation to such use and access, could be given by ASE.You may be required by Mitula Group, at any time, so that we can verify your age by providing a photocopy of your identity document. The lack of supply of this information by you in the term indicated by Mitula Group will entitle the latter to suspend or cancel your subscription, User profile or any processing of your data.Any abuse or violation of these conditions and, in particular, those that affect minors, must be reported immediately to Mitula Group.

9. Policy Of Commercial And Promotional Notifications

We do not want anyone to receive unwanted email (spam).

When you agree to receive, announcements or commercial and promotional communications we will send you, by email or another contact method that you provide us with, information about our or our partners’ products or services and relating to the following sectors: automotive, real estate, fashion, textile, employment, mortgages, financial, insurance, computers, technology, telecommunications, electronics, video games, music, television, films, radio, communications, publishing, childcare, food, education, home, health, pharmacy, leisure, large consumption, personal care, water, energy, transport, tourism and toys.

You can unsubscribe (opt-out) of these notifications at the time of registration, in the configuration of your account within the App or website or through the link included in each of the communications you receive.

10. What Rights Do You Have?

In order to control your data, at all times, you have the right to:

      • know if your personal data is being processed and, where appropriate, access it
      • rectify your personal data if it was inaccurate or incomplete

require us to delete your data if it is not necessary for the indicated purposes

  • require us to limit the processing of your personal data
  • transfer your personal data to another provider of your choice (portability)
  • oppose the processing of your personal data at any time
  • file a claim with the Data Protection Authority if you believe your rights have been infringed.


To do this, you only have to contact us by written communication addressed to the address of Mitula Group indicated in our legal notice or via email dpo@mitulagroup.com. Mitula Group may request additional documentation to verify your identity.

If you want to cancel your subscription to our alerts or commercial communications and thus oppose the sending of communications, you can do so in a simple way by clicking on the link located at the end of each communication received or if you have a user profile, select that you do not want to receive this type of communication.

11. Links To Third Party Websites

MITULA GROUP does not assume any responsibility derived from other privacy policies or practices performed by websites that have been accessed through hyperlinks located on this website or App and that are not managed directly by any of the companies belonging to Mitula Group. Therefore, MITULA GROUP, assumes no responsibility in relation to the information contained in the websites of third parties or the consequences that may arise derived from such information. If any user observes that such links are contrary to law, morality and public order, you must inform Mitula Group by sending an email to: contacto@mitulagroup.com.

12. Modifications

Mitula Group reserves the right to modify this policy at any time in accordance with our own criteria or motivated by a legislative change. We will notify users of the changes produced in this privacy policy before they are made. If a user is not satisfied with the changes, they must desist in the use of this website or App. The use of this website or App after the changes implies the acceptance of the same by the user. In order to be totally transparent, and for you to be able to access the conditions that you assumed previously, you can access the previous versions of our privacy policy: Previous Privacy Policy August 2017

Last change 24th April 2018